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The professional quality “numberA” haircare series is produced by the Agu Group, one of the largest beauty salon groups in Japan that operates 857 salons in all 47 prefectures (as of June 2023). Aiming at creating products that are gentle not only to the hair and scalp but also to the skin, the products are blended with an abundance of natural ingredients, without using silicone that can build up on your hair. In addition, the products are reasonably priced so that customers can maintain salon-quality beautiful hair easily at home. The lineup includes shampoo and treatment for basic care as well as haircare and styling items for different uses. The shampoo and treatment are also used regularly in Agu Group’s hair salons.
The products were born with the desire to create haircare items that are gentle to the customers’ hair and skin while also protecting the hands of the stylists who are often exposed to water and chemicals on a daily basis. In cooperation with a manufacturer specializing in salon haircare products, the company has succeeded in developing a shampoo and treatment that are highly moisturizing while removing unwanted dirt from the hair and scalp. They are hypoallergenic and safe for babies.
Other haircare and styling items were developed by involving more than 100 stylists. Formulated with various natural ingredients and hair repair/protection agents, the products realize beautifully healthy hair. The haircare/styling items are available in three different textures (two types of oil, milk and butter) so that you can choose from according to your desired finish or hair problems.
Daily haircare routine is as important as professional haircare services. These professional haircare products will help you get stronger, healthier hair at home.

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Six kinds
– numberA. Shampoo
– numberA. Treatment
– numberA. Treatment Oil
– numberA. Hair Butter
– numberA. Care Oil SLEEK
– numberA. Base Care MILK

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY1,420 – JPY2,273 (all excluding tax)
– numberA. Shampoo
Bottle JPY1,680
Refill JPY1,420
– numberA. Treatment
Bottle JPY1,680
Refill JPY1,420
– numberA. Treatment Oil JPY1,950
– numberA. Hair Butter JPY1,800
– numberA. Care Oil SLEEK JPY2,273
– numberA. Base Care MILK JPY2,273