Bridge and Blend “Six in Sense”

Project Felicia (Tokyo)

Bridge and Blend “Six in Sense” is an incense inspired by Japanese blends from 1000 years ago.
It is a modern recreation, as authentic blends as possible, of “Mukusa no Takimono (Six Kinds of kneaded Incense)”, a representation of scent of the Heian period (794 – 1185).
The brand began when the founder returned to Japan after living abroad for a long time and asked herself the question, “What is the SCENT of JAPAN?” In her search for the answer, she came into contact with these scents that appear in the Tale of Genji as well as the culture of freely enjoying fragrances, and her desire to pass on traditional Japanese scents to the next 1000 years led to the development of the brand.

3 main features of “Six in Sense”: (1) 100% natural ingredients (2) Handmade in Awaji Island, where approximately 70% of Japanese incense is produced (3) Sustainable-conscious packaging. In addition, 1% of sales are donated to environmental protection activities through 1% for the Planet.
In this digital age where information overflows nonstop, we want you to enjoy a moment to adjust their “mind” through the analog act of lighting incense, following the smoke with your eyes, and listening to the fragrances. “Six in Sense” is an incense that rediscovers “SCENT of JAPAN” that transcends 1000 years in Japan, and connects the past to the present.

Project Felicia (東京都中央区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Six scents total

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JPY1,500 – JPY52,800 (all excluding tax)
– Full Size 20 pcs JPY8,800
– Refill 20 pcs JPY7,800
– Trial Size 3 pcs JPY1,500

– Anniversary Box 120 pcs JPY52,800
– Trial Set 18 pcs JPY7,800