Organic rice 3 kinds comparison set

GOHAN co., ltd. (Niigata)

This is a comparison set of organically grown Koshihikari (white rice), Koshihikari (processed brown rice) and Milky Queen (white rice) produced in Tsunan Town, Naka-uonuma District, Niigata Prefecture, one of the leading rice-producing areas in Japan.
There are more than 1,000 brands of rice produced in Japan, and more than 300 brands of rice for white rice alone. Among them, Koshihikari is the “king of rice,” ranking at the highest level. Koshihikari is grown all over Japan, but Uonuma-grown Koshihikari remains unchallenged as the highest quality Koshihikari. In Tsunan Town, as a result of the melting snow brought by heavy snowfall, the mountain climate with a large temperature difference between day and night in summer and soil ideal for growing rice, all of these factors contribute to organic cultivation to produce the highest quality Koshihikari with a gentle sweetness and firm texture.
The company is committed to organic cultivation with 30 years of experience, and has perfected an organic Koshihikari that is not only safe but also delicious. A blend of organic fertilizers such as rapeseed (canola) meal, fish meal, compost and rice bran are used, as well as natural minerals to repel harmful insects. The strong flavor, which is characteristic of Koshihikari rice, has been further enhanced by organic cultivation. Brown rice with the germ left intact is rich in nutrients and contains a good balance of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and can be cooked in the same way as white rice. Milky Queen, an improved variety based on Koshihikari, is stickier and has a sweetness that does not change even when cold.
Organic Koshihikari was selected from among 90 varieties of rice submitted for use at the first Expo 2025 lunch box, “Anago Bozushi (conger eel sticky sushi rice),” created by Japanese chef Takaaki Nakamura, a master of Japanese cuisine. Please enjoy the different tastes and textures of Koshihikari white rice, processed brown rice and Milky Queen white rice, and taste the best rice in Japan.

GOHAN co., ltd. (新潟県津南町)

2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Three types total
– Organically grown Koshihikari (white rice)
– Organically grown Milky Queen (white rice)
– Organically grown Koshihikari diamond-sharpened brown rice (processed brown rice)


1 kg each

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JPY5,926 (excluding tax)