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CACAObroma (LOTS Co.) (Iwate)

“CACAObroma” is a chocolate maker dedicated to “bean to bar,” or craft chocolate. LOTS Co., its parent company, was first established as a compounding pharmacy in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture following volunteer activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Based on the concept of supporting the health of as many people as possible, the company has been carrying out businesses that meet the needs of the local community.
The theme of CACAOBroma is “bringing smiles to you and the world.” Under the supervision of a pharmacist, it aims at making people smile by offering additive-free chocolate made only with nutrient-rich cacao beans and brown sugar full of minerals, which can please both body and soul.
Made by kneading domestic buckwheat seeds into 66% cacao craft chocolate, soba chocolate strikes the right balance between bitterness, acidity and flavor of cacao beans and the sweetness of the brown sugar. The fragrant aroma of buckwheat seeds further enhances the flavor of this crunchy chocolate. Enjoy the healthy and delicious craft chocolate infused with a Japanese touch by using “soba.”

CACAObroma (LOTS Co.) (岩手県大船渡市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


20 g

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JPY900 (excluding tax)