Kyoto Vegetables Mixcookies


These cookies are baked using specialty ingredients and processed goods from Kyoto. In addition to traditional Kyoto vegetables such as mibuna and Kintoki carrots, which lend distinctive flavors, POUKA primarily uses yuba (tofu skin), Jerusalem artichoke, mugwort, and black soybean kinako (roasted soybean flour) from the town of Miyama. The white miso, which comes from Kato Shoten, a renowned supplier to Kyoto’s finest restaurants, is known for its slightly sweet flavor. The selection of seven cookies is crafted with individual recipes for each, designed to bring out the best in the distinct characteristics of the ingredients. It goes beyond merely blending the components into the base cookie dough. Varied textures and flavors have been meticulously thought out, aiming for crispness, a satisfying bite, and a smooth melt-in-the-mouth experience.
The inception of the cookies dates back over 20 years when an event highlighting the fusion of Japanese and Western influences served as inspiration. At that time, the concept of collaboration wasn’t as widely recognized as it is today. Instead, it took a journey of trial and error to transform the unique Japanese ingredients into cookies. The initial three-cookie selection has grown to seven, allowing customers to enjoy a diverse range of flavors. POUKA, a cookie specialty store based in Kyoto, has won the hearts of locals. Nowadays, its “Kyoto Vegetables Mix Cookies ” have become a popular choice for souvenirs among visitors exploring Kyoto.

POUKA LLC (京都府京都市)

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Genre: Food/Drink


Seven types in total (14 cookies)
Kintoki Carrot Cookies
Mibuna Cookies
Yuba Cookies
Tamba Black Soybean Cookies
Mugwort Cookies
Jerusalem artichoke Cookies
White Miso Cookies

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