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RUNSHOT is a post-workout recovery drink that contains 5,000 mg of collagen peptides, 2,700 mg of citric acid and 1,000 mg of BCCAs essential amino acids, which are ingredients beneficial for the post-workout body and for those who want to keep running. The citrus flavor is delectable both at room temperature or chilled, and comes in a pouch for easy drinking after workout. Instead of making it in a jelly form, RUNSHO comes in a liquid form so that you can easily enjoy it even if you are tired. It is an Informed Choice certified product that ensures it has been tested for substances prohibited in sport, making it safe also for athletes to consume.
Nitta Gelatin has been producing collagen for over 100 years. With the hope of utilizing collagen peptides, which the company has been studying for many years, in the field of sports, RUNSHOT was developed jointly with coaches and athletes of leading university teams participating in the college “ekiden” (relay marathon). The collagen peptide developed with Nitta Gelatin’s proprietary technology is easily absorbed into the body and helps regulate the body’s overall condition. The product can be frozen so that you can take it with you in the summer to cool yourself during exercise.
Can be safely stored at room temperature and it can be also enjoyed with soda. Through this product, Nitta Gelatin aims at supporting those who continue to exercise to achieve their ultimate goal.

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120 g/pouch

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‘- 1 set (6 pouches) JPY1,500 (excluding tax)
– 1 case (60 pouches) JPY12,722 (excluding tax)