OXO is a skincare brand of MQ SKIN LABORATORIES, which develops skincare items focusing on oxygen. OXO KAZE Soap, which is created under this all-new skincare brand, is a facial soap formulated with only natural ingredients based on oxygen-rich water. It can be used not only for facial cleansing but also for the entire body. Although purified water is commonly used in the production of cosmetics, MQ SKIN LABORATORIES was very careful about the water used for the core of the company’s cosmetics. The lack of oxygen has a negative impact on many living organisms, but it is also related to the condition of human skin, such as a decline in skin cell metabolism (turnover), which is necessary to maintain skin health. In order to compensate for the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body caused by various factors such as aging, environmental factors, lifestyle and stress, OXO KAZE Soap uses 100% highly concentrated oxygenated water, which has been patented in three countries around the world. In addition to the water, the soap contains carefully selected plant-based moisturizing ingredients such as rice bran oil, yuzu juice, turmeric extract and yogurt solution (lactic acid fermentation liquid derived from milk such as whey). While thoroughly washing off the skin with the soap, it improves the circulation of oxygen, as well as moisturizes and conditions the skin. In order to maximize the quality of the ingredients and fragrance, the company uses a handmade and naturally dried (cold process) manufacturing method. It is as gentle as that it can even be used on babies’ skin because the soap is preservative-free and additive-free. MQ SKIN LABORATORIES provides healthy and beautiful skin through the simple two-step process of “washing” and “moisturizing.”

MQ SKIN LABORATORIES (GQ-inc Inc.) (東京都港区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


100 g (framed soap)

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JPY3,500 (excluding tax)