Soft and Chewy Arida Mikan Jelly

Sowakajuen Co., Ltd. (Wakayama)

The mikan jelly is made only from Arida mikan (mandarin oranges), which is one of the most famous brands in Japan. To fully bring out the natural sweetness of the fruit, half of the jelly is made with straight fruit juice to achieve a luxurious flavor. As you take a bite, the gentle sweetness of the Arida mikan spreads throughout your mouth while letting you enjoy the distinctive chewy and soft texture, which is achieved by gently hardening the ingredients with natural agar and starch. The jiggly jelly is also pleasant to look.
The bright orange package inspired by the color of the mikan is designed to lift the mood of those who pick up the product. The gift box is ideal for gatherings or as a gift.
Located in Arida region in Wakayama Prefecture, one of the largest producers of mikan in Japan, Sowakajuen Co., Ltd. was founded jointly by seven mikan farmers about 40 years ago. Since then, the company has embarked on several new challenges to deliver tastier and safer mikan. Currently, the company is engaged in agricultural management with a focus on the sixth industry involving cultivation, processing and sales. With a desire to deliver the fresh taste of Arida mikan to people of all ages, the company is dedicated to growing healthy mikan developed over a long period of time.

Sowakajuen Co., Ltd. (和歌山県有田市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Four pieces JPY732 (excluding tax)
– Four pieces (in a gift box) JPY926 (excluding tax)