nico days Moisturizing Milky Serum

SHOEI Co., Ltd (Hyogo)

“nico days” is a skincare brand created based on the concept of “bringing smiles through skincare.” Blended with an extract from trifolium repens, or four-leaf clover, known as a symbol of happiness, the milky serum conveys the hope of the company to make you smile every time you use it. The clovers used for the extract are a rare strain grown in Aichi Prefecture under the supervision of researchers. The extract is blended with eight kinds of moisturizing agents to leave the skin hydrated and supple. Its texture blends smoothly into your skin without getting sticky. The serum is multi-tasking that can be used as all-in-one skincare item.
In consideration of the SDGs and with the hope that customers would choose the product with the future of the earth in mind, environmentally friendly materials are used for the container and box as much as possible. The cute natural packaging design featuring clovers and a hand-drawn robot, which symbolizes the future, reminds you of the small moment of happiness when you find a four-leaf clover and makes you smile every time you use the product.

SHOEI Co., Ltd (兵庫県神戸市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


60 g

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JPY3,900 (excluding tax)