minokiriko series

MARUMO TAKAGI Co., Ltd. (Gifu)

These tumblers and rocks glasses radiate a beautiful gem-like sparkle. Cut glass, or “kiriko,” involves carving patterns into the surface of the glass to create intricate designs. For these glasses, MARUMO TAKAGI has applied a special technique called “in-frost” to the outer surface, capturing a crystalline pattern within the glass body. Afterward, using a brush, pigments of gold, silver and copper are applied before firing to achieve their final form. While these tumblers are stunning even under regular lighting, they truly come to life when light is cast on them, revealing a captivating transformation of colors inside. The gold variation resembles amethyst, the silver evokes black diamond and the bronze shines with the enchanting hues of sapphire—exuding a dazzling brilliance akin to precious gemstones.
The tumblers without patterns are termed “Jewelry Glasses.” These glasses feature handcrafted sandblast engraving, a technique that carves intricate designs onto the surface of the glass. This method represents the essence of “Minokiriko” (trademark pending). The dragon design was commissioned to the renowned artist Yasunori Kimata, who hails from Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture.
MARUMO TAKAGI produces Mino-ware ceramics and glass products in Tajimi City, known for having the highest ceramic production volume in Japan. The exquisite Minokiriko, radiating luxury, is an original product that showcases the craftsmanship of artisans in every step of its creation, making it perfect for gifts or to add elegance to a dining experience.

MARUMO TAKAGI Co., Ltd. (岐阜県多治見市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Two styles in total
– Minokiriko gold (Capacity: 410 cc)
– Minokiriko silver (Capacity: 410 cc)
– Minokiriko bronze (Capacity: 410 cc)
*Available in four designs: Cherry Blossom, Mount Fuji, Sharaku, and Dragon

– Minokiriko rock glass (Capacity: 300 cc)
*Available in three designs: Cherry blossom, Mount Fuji, and Sharaku
*Includes coasters

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY15,000 (excluding tax)