Special Organic Green Tea


Special Organic Green Tea is cultivated in mountainous regions blessed with perfect nature and weather conditions for tea growth in Mie Prefecture, which ranks as the third-largest tea-producing area in Japan. It is grown without the use of pesticides, benefiting from the significant temperature differences between day and night and abundant pristine water from the Miyagawa River in Odaicho, which contribute to its rich flavor. YAMARIN SEICHA has focused on organic tea cultivation since around 1978, and currently, all 9 hectares of its tea gardens are managed organically. The soft soil, teeming with microorganisms and earthworms, is ideal for tea cultivation, allowing the tea roots to spread well within the soil. The leaves are thick, enabling the tea to be steeped multiple times. By refraining from using pesticides and chemical fertilizers and embracing the symbiosis of local organisms and the blessings of nature, the tea is healthy and kind to both people and nature.
The organic tea displays a characteristic bluish-green color with a hint of golden hue. It’s refreshing aroma and deep flavor provide a tranquil and enjoyable experience. Special Organic Green Tea was served at the 2023 Hiroshima Summit venue. Taking both nature and people into consideration, the tea is intended to bring more joy and contentment to everyday life.


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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


100 g

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