TAKEMAN Boiled bambooshoots from Kyushu

Takeman Co., Ltd. (Kagoshima)

Sometimes referred to as the “king of spring vegetables,” bamboo shoots are drawing attention not only as an ingredient in Japanese cuisine but also in Italian and French cuisine. Fresh bamboo shoots from Kyushu are boiled in water and packed so that you can enjoy them all year round. The convenient individual packaging allows using up in cooking without waste.
Located in Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, known as one of the most famous bamboo shoots producing areas in Japan, Takeman Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to offer fresh and tasty bamboo shoots since its founding in 1967. Bamboo shoots are a delicate crop and difficult to handle as they deteriorate rapidly after harvest. In April, the peak harvest season, more than 100 tons of freshly harvested bamboo shoots arrive daily from all over Kyushu, which are pre-cooked on the same day at the company’s factory. Instead of boiling in hot water, they are steamed to preserve their umami taste and natural flavor.
Committed to additive-free production since establishment, all production process is carried out without using pH-adjusters or other additives that are usually used so as to bring out the natural flavor and the yellowish-white color of the bamboo shoots. Enjoy the flavor of spring in your daily cooking.

Takeman Co., Ltd. (鹿児島県出水市)

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1 kg (individual packaging; 5-7 packs)

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JPY2,963 (excluding tax)