Daruma painting experience

Imai Daruma Shop NAYA Co., Ltd. (Gunma)

Imai Daruma Shop Naya, located in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, upholds the rich tradition of daruma dolls while infusing a modern twist. Led by Hirohisa Imai, the CEO and Chief Craftsman, the shop combines a history spanning 90 years with a commitment to preserving and evolving the daruma craft.
Takasaki, renowned for daruma production, is the ideal backdrop for Imai Daruma Naya’s mission. The daruma doll is deeply significant in Japanese culture, with wishes written on the left eye and gratitude expressed by filling the right eye. These dolls serve as reminders and can be ceremonially burned at local shrines or sent to Imai Daruma Naya for the ritual.
The daruma at Imai Daruma Naya are crafted using time-honored techniques and eco-friendly materials, making them delicate and unique.
A highlight of visiting the shop is the daruma painting workshop. Visitors learn about the daruma’s cultural importance and witness a live painting demonstration. They also have the chance to paint a Daruma themselves, which proves both challenging and rewarding. Each visitor leaves with a personally hand-painted daruma, a cherished memory of their Gunma trip.
For those seeking custom designs or premium experiences, Imai Daruma Shop Naya offers tailored options to meet visitors’ desires.
Imai Daruma Shop Naya harmoniously blends tradition, creativity, and eco-friendliness, offering an unforgettable cultural experience and a deeper understanding of Japanese craftsmanship.

Imai Daruma Shop NAYA Co., Ltd. (群馬県高崎市)

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JPY2,000/ per person (excluding tax)
*Not acceptable from November to January.