WILD YUZU Seedling Yuzu Concentrate Liquid

re・make Ltd. (Yuragi Style) (Osaka)

The original “Seedling Yuzu ” is a rare variety in Japan that has been solemnly passing on its pure genes for more than 1,000 years deep in the mountains of Japan. It is such a species that takes roots deep in the ground, withstands wind and snow, stretches its trunk to grow branches and leaves, absorbs nutrients from the old strata, and finally begins to bear fruit after 18 years. The fruit has a natural power that transcends the organic world. re・make Ltd. wishes to update its amazing potential through utilizing science and connect it to the future.
In comparison with grafted yuzu, which is cultivated by fruit growers, “Seedling Yuzu” has a larger fruit, stronger aroma and more intense flavor. WILD YUZU Seedling Yuzu Concentrate Liquid offers the natural flavor of fruit without any sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. Not only the pulp, but also the nutrient-rich peel, seeds and pith are treated with an enzyme reaction to create a “whole food” taste.
The concentrated liquid, with its fresh aroma and bitterness, quickly dissolves in mineral water with a few drops to make yuzu-flavored water. Add a few drops to beer and enjoy the premium taste of craft beer. It also goes well with ice cream, dressings, desserts and other dishes to be enjoyed. Just a few drops of yuzu liquid will give you a taste of yuzu that will surprise one and all. It is a gift from the beautiful satoyama in Minoh City in Osaka Prefecture.

re・make Ltd. (Yuragi Style) (大阪市箕面市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


60 ml

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JPY1,350 (excluding tax)