Teppanyaki Ginmeisui Ginza

Teppanyaki Ginmeisui Ginza(Mars planning Co., Ltd.) (Tokyo)

Ginmeisui in Tokyo’s Ginza elevates teppanyaki dining to unprecedented heights. With a rich array of dining options, a commitment to dietary preferences, a notable sake selection, opulent interior, and outstanding wagyu, including Kobe beef, it redefines the teppanyaki experience.
The restaurant’s modern-traditional ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. It boasts an exceptional selection of premium wagyu, expertly prepared by skilled teppanyaki chefs. Ginmeisui also offers an extensive sake list, and the staff provides recommendations to enhance the dining experience.
Ginmeisui excels in personalizing the teppanyaki experience, accommodating various dietary needs. It offers a variety of seating options, ensuring the perfect setting for intimate dinners, gatherings, or business meetings. Guests can witness the culinary artistry of teppanyaki up close, creating an immersive dining experience.
This establishment in the heart of Ginza sets a new standard for teppanyaki dining, combining luxury, flavor, and expertise. Ginmeisui offers an exceptional journey into Japanese culinary excellence, more than just a meal. It’s the preeminent destination for an unforgettable teppanyaki experience in Tokyo, where luxury and flavor harmoniously converge.

Teppanyaki Ginmeisui Ginza(Mars planning Co., Ltd.) (東京都中央区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Restaurants

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‘- Lunch course 6,000 – JPY14,000
– Grand menu 14,000 – JPY50,000
(All excluding tax)