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Kyushu chacha Co.,Ltd. (Nagasaki)

Located in Nagasaki city, Kyushu Cha Cha is a modern, minimalist tea shop that epitomizes Japan’s rich tea culture. This hidden gem stands out with its unique green tea tasting menu sourced from Kyushu farms, guided by a knowledgeable green tea expert. It offers an intimate and educational experience for tea enthusiasts, focusing on local and organic tea, and features exclusive ceramics and tea utensils, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly.
At Kyushu Cha Cha, the green tea tasting menu takes center stage, providing a journey through Kyushu’s vibrant tea culture. Carefully selected green teas from Kyushu farms await exploration, accompanied by the expertise of an in-house green tea connoisseur. This interactive approach elevates the tasting experience, making it both educational and delightful.
The shop’s commitment to sourcing green teas locally supports the regional tea industry while offering delicious and ecologically responsible teas. The ambiance, characterized by minimalist elegance, emphasizes an intimate setting. With limited seating options, every guest receives individual attention, enhancing the educational aspect of the visit.
Kyushu Cha Cha’s dedication to green tea goes beyond the tasting menu. Visitors can purchase their favorite teas on-site, ensuring they can enjoy Kyushu’s flavors at home. Exclusive locally made ceramics and tea utensils are also available, allowing guests to take a piece of Japanese tea culture with them.
For those seeking a diverse experience, Kyushu Cha Cha offers a la carte options, including seasonal parfaits and a range of other tea-based drinks. These selections add an element of surprise to each visit, catering to diverse preferences. Kyushu Cha Cha is where minimalism, culture, and flavor converge, offering a unique and intimate encounter with the world of green tea.

Kyushu chacha Co.,Ltd. (長崎県長崎市)

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