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The multi-tasking, all-in-one cream lavishly blended with many effective ingredients offers easy skincare for all skin types and genders. Blended with German chamomile grown organically in Japan and CICA extract (centella asiatica extract), the cream is also recommended for those who prefer natural products. Organic German chamomile extract is known to benefit skin in a multitude of ways such as moisturizing, brightening (inhibits formation of melanin that causes dark spots and freckles) and calming while also preventing rough skin. Particularly, azulene, a component contained in the extract, is effective in reducing skin issues. Centella asiatica, known to have anti-aging properties, is expected to prevent rough skin while providing moisture to reduce the effects of skin aging. In addition, four vitamins A, B, C and E are blended to care for various skin problems. The two types of collagens, hydrolyzed collagen and water-soluble collagen, restore skin barrier function and hydration, while two types of hyaluronic acids also keep the skin moist and dewy. For fragrance, the five kinds of organic essential oils contained offer a plant-derived luxurious fragrance that soothes the mind. By gently applying an appropriate amount to the skin, the ingredients smoothly infuse into the skin to maintain firming, beautiful skin. Recommended to use it after shaving or washing your face or taking a bath for better results.

IVRESSE Consulting LLC. (東京都港区)

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