Pitari okitatami

interior fukuta Co., Ltd. (Tottori)

Introducing a convenient and portable tatami flooring solution, “Pitari okitatami” (tatami by-the-sheet) offers a quick way to create a tatami space anywhere. Tatami has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, serving as a place for relaxation, family bonding and everyday life. In recent years, its appeal has extended to people worldwide, drawing attention for its aesthetics and fragrance. With Pitari okitatami, one can easily create a unique tatami space anywhere, such as a cozy corner of a living room or bedroom. Simply measure the area and place an order for a customized tatami set. The aim is to bring the allure of traditional Japanese tatami to the home by making them accessible, lightweight and durable, offering a perfect choice for souvenirs or personal use.
The surface of tatami mats is usually covered with “igusa” (rush straw), but with Pitari okitatami mats, washi (Japanese paper) is processed to have a similar texture and durability to igusa, providing a more comfortable and long-lasting experience. Japanese traditional washi paper has longer and thinner fibers than Western paper, making it both thin and strong. It is also resistant to mold, ensuring hygiene. A lightweight and sturdy option has been chosen for the core material to ensure easy portability. Each mat is meticulously crafted using the traditional ladder stitch technique, ensuring that threads won’t break or unravel. Take a piece of Japanese culture as a memento of your journey. By placing it on the floor, a corner of your room can be transformed into a Japanese-style space, providing you with the experience of tatami culture.

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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


One size only
420 mm x 840 mm (thickness: 20 mm)


Eight colors in total
– 09 Golden Yellow x Milky White
– 13 Flaxen x White Brown
– 15 Milky White x White Brown
– 17 White Brown x Gray Cherry
– 21 Silver White x Bright Green
– 22 Chestnut Brown x Walnut Brown
– 23 Light Brown x Pale Cherry Blossom
– 24 Chestnut Brown x Indigo Blue

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY72,000 (excluding tax)
*Includes eight precise-fitting tatami mats and storage case