Suguki yogurt

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Suguki yogurt is a starter culture for soy milk yogurt developed by applying the fermentation method of “suguki pickles (a type of turnip pickles),” which is a traditional dish of Kyoto. It ferments at room temperature so anyone can easily make soy milk yogurt by simply mixing it with their favorite soy milk.
Japan has a fermentation culture that has been cultivated over many years. Fermented with lactic acid bacteria, suguki pickles contain a large amount of vegetable lactic acid bacteria that can easily reach the intestines alive and absorbed through the intestinal wall. In addition, they help regulate the balance of the intestinal flora.
In addition, because soy milk is fermented slowly, nutrients contained are well preserved while the taste of the yogurt becomes milder and richer. The simple flavor makes it easy to eat as is as well as adding in various dishes such as soupes and desserts. It is also reasonable as you can enjoy making yogurt repeatedly by using a portion of the finished yogurt as a starter. Ingredients that are produced in Japan, additive-free, dairy-free and plant-based are carefully selected so that all people regardless of age, constitution or preference can enjoy the product with peace of mind.
The sleek, Japanese-style packaging inspired by the traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth makes it a great gift for yourself, friends and family.

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1 sachet 1.5 g

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‘- 2 sachets JPY1,600
– 5 sachets JPY3,000