Waffle Haramaki

waffle haramaki (Tortoise CO., Ltd.) (Tokushima)

This haramaki, or belly warmer, fits comfortably against the skin without constriction and can be worn without feeling stressed. With superb breathability, it is comfortable to wear in any season. The texture is enhanced as you use it, making it an indispensable product once you use it. Ideal to use during maternity and postpartum too; as a result, the haramaki has been attracting many repeat users. The most distinctive feature is the waffle fabric, which is woven slowly with one of the few machines left in Japan, using EMBalance yarn that boasts superb far infrared ray and deodorant effects. By taking advantage of the properties of the fabric as well as weaving it using advanced technique, the company has succeeded in minimizing discomfort when wearing. It feels safe and does not roll up or slide down. The design is simple yet sophisticated.
Tortoise Co., Ltd. has been in sewing business for more than 120 years with a main focus on underwear. Based on the philosophy, “Underwear is the second skin,” the company carries out the entire process from planning to cutting, sewing, product inspection and packaging in their own factory. Developed using a material that is gentle to both the body and mind as well as its production techniques and know-how that have been passed down through generations, “Waffle Haramaki” is a product which the company can recommend with absolute confidence. It is useful in keeping your body warm and comfy during summer when air-conditioning upsets with our body temperature, while leading to beauty and good health by preventing you from feeling coldness in the belly.

waffle haramaki (Tortoise CO., Ltd.) (徳島県海陽町)

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Four types (S, M, L, LL)


Four types (S, M, L, LL)

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JPY2,500 (excluding tax)