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Waguri Shiratsuyu is a shop specializing in Japanese chestnuts in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, a town famous for chestnut products made by an artisan who knows all about Japanese chestnuts. One of the various chestnut confections on display at the shop is “tsurubami,” a new type of Mont Blanc cake made with kuzuneri paste and genuine cream kneaded with Japanese chestnuts, topped with a paste made with plenty of matured roasted chestnuts from Noto. The owner, a native of the Noto Peninsula, was inspired to open a shop specializing in Japanese chestnuts due to discovering Noto chestnuts grown in his hometown. As he learned more about the appeal of Noto chestnuts, he came to strongly believe that he wanted more people to know about how tasty Noto chestnuts are. At the same time, in order to continuously support Japanese chestnut farmers and protect the future of Japanese chestnuts and Japanese chestnut farmers, the owner decided to open Waguri Shiratsuyu as a totally new place to deliver the profound world of chestnuts.
The chestnuts used as ingredients are matured roasted chestnuts from the Matsuo chestnut orchard in Noto in northern Ishikawa Prefecture. Only chestnuts that have ripened and naturally fallen off are harvested and stored at a low temperature of minus 2 degree Celsius to grow into chestnuts that are more than twice as sweet as immediate harvesting. The chestnuts are then baked using only the water content of the chestnuts themselves while being heated in a pressure-type rotary oven to lock in the flavor of the chestnuts.
Matsuo chestnut orchard spent about 18 years to produce these aged roasted chestnuts, which have a sugar content of more than 30 degree brix without added sugar. The sweet smell aroma, gentle and pleasing taste are unique to this shop. The product name “tsurubami” comes from the Japanese traditional color, which refers to all colors dyed with an acorn cup. The color is reminiscent of the variety of shades that can be expressed by chestnuts. With the traditional Japanese color in its name, the new Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc cake lets you savor the true taste of chestnuts.

wagurishiratsuyu(fiamma Co.,Ltd.) (石川県内灘町)

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