Green juice with lemon

Anc Co., Ltd (Aichi)

Born after repeated trial and error so that both adults and children can enjoy drinking green juice (aojiru) every day, this product has a refreshing lemon tea flavor while keeping all the health benefits of the ingredients. Jointly developed with nutritionist, the unpleasant grassy taste has been cut out to make green juice more enjoyable.
Carefully selected young barley grass grown in Kagoshima without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers are blended in a good balance with vitamin C and organic moringa powder, which is known as superfood around the world.
In consideration of the SDGs and the environment, kraft paper made with plant-derived materials is used for the packaging. Also, by employing a large pack instead of individual packs, it allows you to adjust the amount according to your preference while reducing waste.
This lemon tea-flavored green juice can be enjoyed by everyone including those who are interested in green juice’s health benefits but are hesitant to drink or gave up taking it continuously due to the distinctive flavor and those who are considering drinking in the future. Its delicious flavor will make you want to drink every day.

Anc Co., Ltd (愛知県名古屋市)

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Genre: Food/Drink


90 g/pack (for a 30-day supply)

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‘- Single item JPY2,982
– Subscription (one pack per month)
First purchase JPY891
After the second purchase JPY2,255

– Subscription (three packs per month)
First purchase JPY4,991
After the second purchase JPY5,400
(All excluding tax)