Alte Liebe × Masuizumi Gâteau du Saké maturé en fût de chêne

Alte Liebe Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa)

Alte Liebe is an authentic music restaurant founded in 1965 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The exquisite cake “Alte Liebe × Masuizumi Gâteau du Saké maturé en fût de chêne” was created by the owner chef who was impressed by the taste of Masuizumi, the finest quality “kijoshu” from Masuda Sake Brewery located in Toyama Prefecture.
While Japanese sake is usually brewed with water, “kijoshu” uses finished sake instead of water and it is characterized by the sweet, elegant flavor profile. Masuizumi kijoshu used in the cake has been further aged in an oak barrel. The dough is also kneaded with sake lees, which is again soaked with an abundant amount of Masuizumi sake after baking. It is truly a sublime cake that let’s you indulge in rich flavors and mellow aroma of the sake. The moment you take a bite, a honey-like sweetness and deep umami flavors spread throughout your mouth. When chilled, the elegant flavor of Masuizumi sake becomes even more notable.
The package also shows Alte Liebe’s attention to detail. The cake comes in a paulownia box and an authentic mizuhiki decorative cord that customers can choose according to their needs. Created in pursuit of Japanese beauty, it makes a perfect gift. Enjoy the premium cake born after much trial and error with the pâtissier.

Alte Liebe Co., Ltd. (神奈川県横浜市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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JPY5,000 (excluding tax)