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This medicated moisturizing emulsion helps condition skin damaged by sauna or bathing. Among other bathing facilities such as hot springs and baths, the high temperature and dry environment of saunas can be harsh for the skin. Your body also loses water and therefore can cause skin troubles such as dry skin. Exclusively developed to treat skin problems caused by using a sauna, “saunality” medicated emulsion is also effective for caring dark spots, rough skin and acne on the back. Active agents contained in the product include placenta extract effective for skin lightening, G2K, a licorice-derived anti-inflammatory ingredient, as well as isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP) that removes bacteria that cause odor. Based on the concept of the traditional Chinese medicine that uses plant-derived ingredients, it is also blended with eight types of plant extracts that help condition the skin. Just by applying to the dry skin after using a sauna, the emulsion penetrates deeply to restore the moisture back to the skin while balancing it to a healthy condition. It is also perfect to eliminate body odor before/after a workout or for acne treatment before bedtime. Having certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a quasi-drug that contains officially recognized active ingredients, the product’s quality is also guaranteed.
Soltelas Co., Ltd. is still a young company founded in 2019. Committed to producing “Made in Japan” superior quality products, the company takes pride in delivering quality-assured skin care to its customers.

nature pods (Soltelas Co., Ltd.) (神奈川県横浜市)

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120 ml

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JPY2,900 (excluding tax)