Umetoohagi Hanaemu

UMEMORI HONTEN Kabushiki Kaisha (Nara)

With the concept of “gentle to the body, gentle to the soul and gentle to people,” these additive-free Hana Ohagi are handmade one by one without using preservatives or coloring agents. The product line name “Hanaemu” (meaning “smiling flower”) is derived from flowers that look like they are blooming with a smile in each season characteristic of Japan, and the company tries to express the smiles with bean paste.
Hana Ohagi is symbolizing flowers of the four Japanese seasons such as cherry blossoms in spring, sunflowers in summer, orange osmanthus in autumn and camellias in winter. These lovely and round shaped Hana Ohagi heralding from the ancient capital of Nara come in an assortment including ones made of “Osencha Kuromame (black bean)” using organic green tea from Tsukigase Village in Nara Prefecture as well as “Yoshino no Yamazakura,” which is an image of cherry blossoms in full bloom on Mount Yoshino, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot; and “Kasuga no Fuji” reminiscent of wisteria flowers that have been growing wild in the precincts of Kasuga Taisha Shrine since long ago.
The company hopes to create a society where people take care of people based on the company’s corporate philosophy and mission, which is “To make everyone happy, regardless of nationality, race, gender, disability or illness.” The company wishes everyone to feel the joy of eating Ohagi; therefore, all products are made of sugar with a low GI value, which rises glucose levels in the blood slowly. In addition, the beautiful color of bean paste is colored with pigments from vegetables, fruits and other natural ingredients.
UMEMORI HONTEN Kabushiki Kaisha recommends this assortment of Hana Ohagi for those who are wishing for others persons who are, for example, pregnant or ill, or even for those who wish good health to the recipient and who love the four seasons in Japan.

UMEMORI HONTEN Kabushiki Kaisha (奈良県奈良市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


8 kinds
– Beni Tsubaki (Ohagi covered with strawberry flavored bean paste)
– Yoshino no Yamazakura (Ohagi covered with cherry blossom aroma, sweet and salty bean paste)
– Mokko-bara (Lady Banks’ rose) (Ohagi covered with mango flavored bean paste)
– Himawari (sunflower) (Ohagi covered with sweet pumpkin paste)
– Nara Osencha Kuromame (Ohagi covered with organic green tea flavored bean paste)
– Osmanthus and Fig (Ohagi covered with fig sauce)
– Kasuga no Fuji (Ohagi covered with traditional bean paste containing beans skin)
– Sweet Potato drawstring bag shape (purple sweet road paste and sweet potato pieces)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

1 set (assortment of 8 kinds each) JPY4,500 (excluding tax)