aburabi Warabi-chan no Amazake

aburabi Co. (Saitama)

A non-alcoholic amazake made from rice grown in Saitama Prefecture. Amazake is a Japanese traditional fermented drink made from rice, and is made by using a traditional recipe handed down among sake breweries. No sugar is used and the elegant sweetness derived from rice and rice malt truly brings out its delicious taste.
Since it does not contain sakekasu (the residue left after rice is decomposed and fermented and sake is squeezed out), it does not have the distinctive smell or particular taste of alcohol. “Plain” has an elegant sweetness. “Yuzu” contains the refreshing taste of yuzu juice of “Katsuragi Yuzu,” which is a brand-name of yuzu produced in Moroyama City in Saitama Prefecture.
The label of these products features the “Warabi-chan” character drawn by illustrator and manga artist Maori Nagasawa. There are two types of design, one of which shows “a girl in a yuzu patterned kimono holding a yuzu in her hand” and the other that depicts “a girl in tree leaf patterned kimono holding an ear of rice in her hand.” The company hopes that this makes it easy for foreigners who cannot read kanji or hiragana to understand the difference between the flavors.
The citrus flavor of “Yuzu” is easy for foreign people who are new to Japanese amazake to enjoy. It can be enjoyed throughout the year, chilled in the hot season and warmed in the cold season, and is especially recommended to drink chilled during the summer season when you have no appetite due to the heat, as it is an easy way to replenish nutrients.

aburabi Co. (埼玉県蕨市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Two kinds
– Plain
– Yuzu


Two types of packaging
– Pouch (180 g)
– Bottle (770 g)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Pouch (180 g) JPY400 (excluding tax)
– Bottle (770 g) JPY1,300 (excluding tax)