atelier C-style farmers pudding

atelier C-style (Saitama)

The puddings, available in three flavors, are made using abundant ingredients sourced from Kamisato town in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture in pursuit of simple yet rich and high-quality flavors. The eggs used are laid by Boris Brown breeds at Sumiya poultry farm. Raised on feed mixed with sesame seeds under optimal poultry farming environment and egg production period, the resulting eggs have firm yolks with few blood spots (or meat spots) and thicker whites. They are referred to as the “king of red chicken breeds” for their rich flavors. The sweet potato pudding and pumpkin pudding made using vegetables harvested at the JAS-certified organic Ishii Farm for about half of their ingredients let you enjoy the delicious tastes and aromas of the vegetables.
The product was developed by the chef of the Italian restaurant “La campagna” who was passionate about delivering the delicious flavors of the local produce to people around the country. The chef is a certified vegetable sommelier and has an extensive experience in a starred restaurant. Based on the recipe he was handed down from an Italian chef, the pudding was rearranged using local ingredients and is a popular dessert of the restaurant.
Enjoy the flavors of the puddings made with respect to the local farmers with the strong commitment to local production for local consumption.

atelier C-style (埼玉県上里町)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Three types
– Sweet potato pudding
– Pumpkin pudding
– Egg pudding

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‘- Single item JPY371 (excluding tax)
– Set of 3 JPY1,667 (excluding tax)