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hyugacasting Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki)

Hyuga Casting , located in Hyuga City in northern Miyazaki Prefecture, is a foundry specializing in copper alloys. The copper alloy cast pot “tefu-tefu” is the culmination of carrying on the heritage of over 2,000 years of casting technology in Japan. It is the signature product of the company’s cast metal product brand “imono,” which has been changing with the times and pursuing a new way of cast metal production. The most important features of this product are its outstanding durability and functionality. Each cast metal pot is carefully crafted one by one by skilled craftspeople and boasts a durable finish that will last for up to 100 years. The color of the pot changes little by little as it is used, giving it a deep and aesthetic appearance. This pot can pass on the “delicious memories” of home cooking that have been etched into the lives of three generations of parents and children. An additional major advantage of copper pots and pans is their high thermal efficiency. The heat is distributed throughout the pot in a short period of time that helps to shorten the cooking time. It also fully retains heat and Hyuga Casting’s recommendation is using it to bring a just-made-meal directly to the dining table. It keeps the heat from getting cold and the food tasty until the end of the meal. In addition, the simple, appealing design and form are also important points. The shape of the handle is just like a “tefutefu” (butterfly), which is also the name of the product, and the soft luster of the copper will blend in as you enjoy your meal every day. Currently, people can buy anything, anytime. Hyuga Casting will always strive to make things that last for a lifetime. Enjoy a little pot in the kitchen that will bring you pleasure.

hyugacasting Co., Ltd. (宮崎県日向市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


2 types
– 16 cm (for 1-2 persons)
Size (inner dimension 15.0 cm, capacity 1.3 L, weight 2.8 kg)
– 20 cm (for 3-4 persons)
Size (inner dimension 19.5 cm, capacity 2.5 L, weight 4.5 kg)
*Gas stove, direct flame and oven can be used.
*IH cookers and microwave ovens cannot be used.

– 16 cm (for 1-2 persons) JPY18,000 (excluding tax)
– 20 cm (for 3-4 persons) JPY31,000 (excluding tax)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- 16 cm (for 1-2 persons) JPY18,000 (excluding tax)
– 20 cm (for 3-4 persons) JPY31,000 (excluding tax)