Somatid Rice “KIMAI”

MUSUBIpromotion.LLC (Hyogo)

“KIMAI” is a type of rice that has been cultivated for 14 years using organic farming methods without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in Hokkaido’s rice fields, making it safe and trustworthy. It is produced through a unique process that includes “Somatid,” which is thought to boost immunity. While rice is typically consumed to satisfy hunger, KIMAI provides natural support akin to taking a supplement.
While Japanese people live surrounded by concepts such as “consideration (ki-zukai),” “kindred spirit (ki-gokoro),” and “reading the atmosphere (kuu-ki wo yomu),” awareness of this “ki” (energy) as quintessential to Japanese culture has diminished over time. Just as elderly women from the Meiji era exuded vitality, there is a desire for modern individuals to embrace the essence of “ki.” This led to the focus on “Somatid,” a substance that maximizes the potential of “ki.” Realizing that integrating “Somatid” into daily rice consumption could offer a natural source of energy, the idea was set in motion for its development and introduction to the market.
The name KIMAI signifies the hope that those who consume the rice will be blessed with enhanced vitality.

MUSUBIpromotion.LLC (兵庫県神戸市)

2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Two styles in total
– White rice (5 kg)
– Brown rice (5 kg)

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JPY4,630 (excluding tax)