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Turalist is Japan-made 100% plastic-free toothbrush produced with a focus on natural materials. As a manufacturer engaged in production of plastic products, Nhes. has been aware of its responsibility to address environmental issues including the recent plastic pollution problems. The idea of the product arose from their encounter with a toothbrush made using nylon bristles and a bamboo handle in Sydney in 2018, which made them realize that there is no toothbrush made with natural materials in Japan.
Produced entirely in Japan, the resulting toothbrush is 100% plastic free and uses natural wood and bristles made of natural materials. It is also an upcycle product. The handle is made from beech wood waste generated when furniture craftspeople make chairs while the bristles are made of animal hairs, which are by-products of livestock primarily farmed for their meat. Committed to use natural ingredients, perilla seed oil, Japan’s traditional natural paint, is applied on the surface of the beech wood.
Developed to ensure good use of resources and things in line with SDG 12 titled “responsible consumption and production,” the company also offers a toothbrush maintenance service by taking advantage of the fact that protein-based natural bristles last longer than plastic ones. In addition, the toothbrush is available in four types to allow customers choose the bristle hardness according to their preference.

Nhes.(plus Co., Ltd.) (大阪府東大阪市)

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Four types (bristles types)
– Hard
– Normal
– Soft
– Ultra soft

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JPY2,000 (excluding tax)