2023 Special


three horns (Hyogo)

This product is a new type of toothbrush invented by Ms. Yoshiko Tanaka, a dental hygienist and representative of three horns. Ms. Tanaka has been engaged in oral hygiene for many years; however, she was keenly aware that it is difficult to improve the way how people brush their teeth. One day, when she was cleaning her bath, she realized that she could do something about the way people brush their teeth. The brush for cleaning the bath smoothly removes smudge from easily dirty areas, and the bristles of the brush from cleaning the bath do not spread easily and the brush lasts longer. Ms. Tanaka thought “This is it! This is the shape for a toothbrush! We have to make it!” So, the company came up with the idea to commercialize the product.
The most distinctive feature of the product is the brush bristles, which are slanted at an angle of about 20 degrees. This is realized by a long-established toothbrush manufacturer. The slanted bristles are easy to reach the backs and straits of back teeth. The mountainous cut is an efficient shape that fits three points (the border between teeth and gums, between teeth and between bites) for periodontal care prevention. The color in the center attracts attention to show as a marker of the brush against the point of the teeth. The toothbrush head is compact and slim; therefore, it can be used by both children and adults. Everyone can use the toothbrush quite well, even people who have braces on their teeth. In addition, the grip has been designed to be longer than existing products to ease holding and force control.
Oral health is closely related to physical health. The company hopes that as many people as possible will use this toothbrush for the prevention of tooth decay and periodontal care.

three horns (兵庫県三田市)

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2023 Special Distinction Award (Judges' Choice Award (Asia))
Genre: Daily necessities


2 types
– Standard
– Soft


4 colors
– Green
– Pink
– Yellow
– Purple

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- One toothbrush JPY500 (excluding tax)
– Set of 4 (4 colors or same color) JPY1,800 (excluding tax)