2023 Consecutive Gold

Katakuchi Kinmaki cold sake set (Kurokesshou/Shirokesshou)

Yamai pottery Co., Ltd. (Gifu)

This product is a set of Mino ware sake cups, which is an earthenware handcrafted by artisans expressing both “traditional beauty” and “modernity.” The earthenware is coated with gilded pure gold on the surface, while expressing the warmth and beauty of true craftsmanship from its curved design. Yamai Pottery Co., Ltd. is a Mino ware pottery kiln founded in 1988. Since its establishment, the company has been producing pouch-shape Japanese tableware, such as earthenware sake bottles and teacups, by using “gaba” (slip) casting. Gaba casting is one of the traditional molding methods, in which slurry is poured into plaster molds to make different parts and then putting them together. The method is able to create intricate shapes such as Japanese teapots. Gaba casting is difficult to mechanize, and even today when automation has become such a common production process, this product is still handcrafted by artisans. Due to its lower production, the number of potteries adopting the method is decreasing. However, in order to express the unique Japanese worldview of “wabi-sabi*,” the company continues to create unique products with distinctive beautiful curves and shapes that can only be expressed through the combination of gaba casting and the red clay of the Mino region. Red clay is rich in iron and more difficult to handle than white clay; therefore, it takes more effort and time. Yamai Pottery intentionally uses red clay and beautiful curved shapes to express “wabi-sabi” that is achieved only by gaba casting. This product is handmade by craftpersons throughout all processes from the molding process. The beauty of the soft curves and the profoundness of the expression can only be achieved using this method. The product, especially the Katakuchi container with a one-side spout, has an “ekubo,” a small dimple that makes it to easy to hold even though the product has a wider shape. Because of its shape, insightful design and glazed pure gold achieved only by handcrafting, the Katakuchi container with a one-side spout is very suitable for special occasions such as celebrations and is an excellent item for spending special moments.
*Wabi: The elegance of the modest and simple
*Sabi: The passage of time and imperfection and impermanence

Yamai pottery Co., Ltd. (岐阜県土岐市)

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2023 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Daily necessities


Set contents
– Katakuchi (container with one-sided spout) x 1
– Sake cups x 2


2 colors
– White crystal (“Shirokesshou;” crystal glazing inlaid on the surface gives a luxurious appearance.)
– Black crystal (“Kurokesshou;” the specially selected red clay gives a warm and unique touch and texture.)

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1 set JPY6,790 (excluding tax)