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Premium pudding set

pudding no susume (EAT WELL Co., Ltd.) (Fukuoka)

Produced by a pudding shop in Fukuoka Prefecture, this premium set contains delicious puddings and a pudding cake roll of the best quality. Puddings are known to be highly nutritious, which are even sometimes called as “edible IV shot,” and the shop is dedicated to producing not only puddings but also various sweets made using puddings with the hope of brings cheer and energy to customers by eating their sweets. About 10 different kinds of puddings are always on offer, all of which are handmade one by one with a particular focus on tastes and ingredients. Most of popular of all is the “Kinkoku” pudding made from a unique blend of various types of creams, which lets you enjoy a soft, creamy texture that melts in your mouth. It is recommended for those who prefer puddings with a rich milk taste. It lets you savor luxurious flavors that are achieved by using “Eggroyal” high-quality eggs developed exclusively for use in Western confectionery.
Another popular product is the pudding cake roll in which a pudding made using only the yolk of the Eggroyal eggs and cream are rolled in a moist sponge dough baked using domestic wheat flour. Enjoy the delicious cake like no other, created in a perfect balance of the rich flavor and the smooth texture of the handmade pudding and the sponge.

pudding no susume (EAT WELL Co., Ltd.) (福岡県広川町)

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Genre: Food/Drink


Set contents:
– 1 x Pudding cake roll
– 6 x “Kinkoku” puddings (95 g each)

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JPY3,658 (excluding tax)