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Kotsukan Aero Duct The Long


Developed based on the designer’s own experience of having travelled abroad for business approximately 100 days annually for 15 years, this portable clothes-drying balloon aims at lightening your overall luggage by reducing the amount of clothing you pack when travelling, and thereby reducing the burden on your body. Washing/drying your clothes at your accommodation is essential to reduce the amount of clothing you bring, but ensuring portability and quick drying is also another important point. After much trial and error as well as a number of tests onsite over three years, the initial model was finally commercialized. Weighting only 170 g, the product can fit into B5-size envelope making it extremely portable while allowing you to dry a dress shirt, underwear and socks without creasing in as little as 10 minutes all at the same time in your hotel room. Also, because it uses a hair dryer provided in the room, you don’t have to bring anything else to dry your clothes so you can go on a business trip with just a carry-on baggage.
“The Long” is a new model that can be used to dry longer coats and dresses. In addition, minimizing luggage leads to reducing the total weight of the aircraft, which contributes to curtailing fuel load and CO2 emissions thereby allowing you to help achieve the SDGs. Not just on the road, but the product is also useful at home, for example, to dry a clothing you forgot to wash, after removing stains from clothing, or when wet from a sudden guerrilla downpour.


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