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Rich Pudding SOBA+BORN

Night Sweets Bar Salice (Fukui)

The savory pudding is made from select ingredients produced in the company’s local Fukui area, including Echizen soba (buckwheat) and local Japanese sake “Born” brewed in Sabae. Enjoy the pleasant fragrance of soba and flavor of sake. Then, sprinkle in the accompanying roasted soba seeds to doubly savor the added flavor, roasted aroma and texture. The alcohol from sake has been cooked out in the production process, so it is safe for children as well as those who cannot drink alcohol. Since the pudding does not include flour and is made from highly nutritious milk and eggs, it is very high in protein and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.
The main business of the company is a “sweets bar,” where customers can enjoy both drinks and seasonal fruit parfait, and this aspect has been featured in the use of Japanese sake in this pudding. Focusing on sourcing from local products, the ingredients include Fukui’s local sake “Born,” regional specialty of soba, and eggs from the local chicken farm Tsuchida Keiran. The packaging also has a local flair, decorated with Echizen washi paper from Fukui, so it makes a great gift. Each product is handmade with care to introduce the wonderful features of Fukui through delicious sweets.

Night Sweets Bar Salice (福井県福井市)

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Genre: Food/Drink

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‘- Single item: JPY600
– Set of 6: JPY3,600
– Set of 8: JPY4,800
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