2023 Consecutive Gold

Kagamino Horori Cookie

Wakana L.P. (Okayama)

Made with wheat flour produced in Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, and Belgian couverture chocolate, Wakana’s Kagamino Horori cookies offer a brand-new texture, which was made possible by leveraging its well thought out baking technique of the confectionery. It is a new type of cookie that lets you enjoy the surprisingly delicate and crumbly texture that melts right as you put in your mouth. You will be impressed by the unique cookie experience—the smooth texture feels more like a chocolate than a cookie, while at the same time, it offers a soft and light texture that is more like a cookie. Kagamino Horori Cookie is a new sweet that has the best of the two worlds. Despite its simple look, the sweet offers a variety of ways to enjoy. The texture is softer and melts easily when eaten at room temperature while it becomes crispy and cookie-like texture when chilled. It comes in five flavors: “Sweet” suited for adults; “White Milk” with rich milky taste; “Mango” full of sweetness of the fruit; “Strawberry” with sweet tartness; and “Matcha” that lets you enjoy the slightly bitter taste unique to Uji Matcha tea. Committed to delivering delicious and safe sweets to the customers by using carefully-selected local ingredients, Kagamino Horori Cookie is completely handmade in-house.

Wakana L.P. (岡山県鏡野町)

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2023 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Food/Drink


Five flavors
– Sweet
– White Milk
– Mango
– Strawberry
– Matcha

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JPY1,019 – JPY3,102 (all excluding tax)
10 pieces JPY1,019
14 pieces JPY1,574
24 pieces JPY2,575
30 pieces JPY3,102