2023 Consecutive Gold


UCHINO CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

Based on the concept of “the new amazing texture that brings you bliss while touching and using,” BLISSFUL TOWEL® has been created over a long period of time by gathering UCHINO’s amassed know-how and techniques. According to the studies conducted by the Aromatic Institute in which changes in the autonomic nervous system in 29 men and women were measured before and after using BLISSFUL TOWEL®, the majority restored a good balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, followed by those who also showed a positive change. It is said that the autonomic nervous system is well-balanced when you have a good state of mind and body. Enjoy the amazing feel of this towel that leads you to a blissful state of mind.

1. A delicate, soft and fluffy feel is achieved by weaving ultra-thin yarn, which is 1/5 thinner than yarns used in standard towels, using a unique technology.

2. The long pile is woven using thin, soft, loosely-twisted yarn so that their shape is preserved and the softness of the towel is retained even after repeated washing.

3. Because the yarn is very thin and soft, the towel adheres closely to the skin to realize an exceptional absorbency while holding a great amount of water. In fact, the towel starts sinking within one second after it is placed in water.

4. Each of the loosely-twisted ultra-thin pile adheres well to the skin to achieve an excellent wiping capability.

5. Minimal shedding, which is less than 1/5 of that of standard towels, is achieved thanks to the high-quality extra-long staple cotton to ensure an ultimate comfort.

1. Patent No. 6468577
2. Designated Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1
3. Recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association

UCHINO CO., LTD. (東京都中央区)

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2023 Consecutive Gold Awards
Genre: Daily necessities


‘- Bath towel
– Small bath towel
– Face towel
– Towel handkerchief
– Bathrobe
*All products other than the towel handkerchief are recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY2,700 – JPY53,000 (All excluding tax)
Bath towel JPY12,000
Small bath towel JPY8,000
Face towel JPY4,200
Towel handkerchief JPY2,700
Bathrobe JPY50,000 – JPY53,000