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Deaiwo Serum Cream, Deaiwo Special Cream

DEAIWO CO., LTD. (Osaka)

The skin care cream is developed through a collaboration with Cosmo Beauty Co., Ltd., which is Japan’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, with the idea that people are all the same regardless of age, gender or nationality and “stay close with people.” The idea created a simple container, fragrance and a conventional “cream type” that is neither liquid or a gel pack. The company overturned the concept of creams by focusing on a non-sticky, surprisingly smooth and skin-permeable texture. What makes it different from similar products is that it contains a generous amount of anti-inflammatory ingredients and human-type ceramide. Deaiwo Serum Cream contains an amino acid derivative with a structure and components similar to those of the skin, human stem cell culture extract and human-type ceramide. It is a time-saving item to complete skin conditioning, moisturizing and aging care* after face wash. Deaiwo Special Cream is a concentrated moisturizing serum cream based on Deaiwo Serum Cream, which contains moisturizing ingredient resveratrol dimethyl ether glucoside, which was newly developed over three years. Resveratrol, a type of polyphenol with antioxidant properties that is abundantly contained in red wine, is an ingredient that is expected to have antioxidant and moisturizing effects in the field of cosmetics, and research is still progressing. This moisturizing ingredient improves firmness and texture, leading to smooth skin like porcelain. Conditioning and moisturizing skin which are believed to be skin care for all people. Deaiwo is full of beauty and the heart of the Omotenashi spirit.
*Appropriate skin care for each age

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– Deaiwo Serum Cream (50 g)
– Deaiwo Special Cream (20 g)

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‘- Deaiwo Serum Cream JPY15,000 (excluding tax)
– Deaiwo Special Cream JPY15,000 (excluding tax)