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Cheryl Pearl Blanc AG Renewing Cream

Shizen-do Japan Beauty Institute,Inc. (Tokyo)

The high-performance moisturizing cream, which leaves the skin hydrated and improves its elasticity, is blended with “ectoine,” an amino acid derived from microorganisms found in salt lakes and deserts. Ectoine has high water retaining ability and has been attracting attention around the world as an anti-aging ingredient. The product also contains “pearl extract” (cosmetic Ingredient labeling name: Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein), an ingredient extracted from the nacreous layer of Akoya pearls cultivated in Ise, Mie Prefecture, as well as pearl powder obtained by polishing the pearls. Containing 17 amino acids, pearl extract is effective in hydrating the skin and preventing wrinkles and blemishes. The fine pearl powder made by grounding Akoya pearls has long been appreciated in the traditional Chinese medicine for its skin beautifying effects, which provides moisture and glow to the skin.
By abundantly blending rare ingredients and utilizing the company’s proprietary Lamellar Technology that protects the lamellar bodies (alternating layers of lipid and moisture within stratum corneum) in the skin, which is essential in keeping the skin hydrated, the product helps leading to a beautiful skin.
Take a small pearl-sized amount of the cream and gently apply it around the eyes, mouth and to other wrinkle-prone areas with your finger as the last step in your skincare routine in the morning and night. The cream blends smoothly into the skin, leaving it moist and supple. It has a soothing, subtle fragrance while the elegant and gorgeous gold packaging is uplifting.

Shizen-do Japan Beauty Institute,Inc. (東京都港区)

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50 g

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