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Hollywood Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

This fragrance mist is made with pure water from the Isuzu River that flows through the Ise Jingu Shrine. The fragrance spreads gently and instantly as soon as it is applied and provides the feel as if your body and mind are being purified. The fragrance comes in three types of aroma from the beautiful flowers that bloom in Ise such as cherry blossoms, Japanese irises and plum blossoms. It is alcohol-free, colorant-free and mineral oil-free, and contains moisturizing ingredients so it can be applied directly on the skin. The compact size is easy to carry in a makeup pouch, making it an ideal souvenir from a visit to Ise. The product development was directed by Ms. Nanami Ozaki, an ambassador of Ise -Shima, who is from Ise City and is responsible for disseminating information about Ise-Shima. The creation of the product began with Ms. Ozaki’s passionate desire to “contribute to my hometown, the place I was raised and love, with something I can do now that I am an adult.” The design depicts flowers with a touch of watercolor, like the gently flowing Isuzu River, and is finished with a stylish yet mature charm. A portion of the sale proceeds is donated to the preservation and maintenance of flowers blooming in Ise. Ise-no-Kou, which also contributes to the development of the city, is truly a fragrance mist that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Carry it in your bag to refresh yourself at any time.

Hollywood Co., Ltd. (東京都港区)

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Genre: Daily necessities


3 kinds
– Ise Fragrance – Cherry Blossom
– Ise Fragrance – Japanese Iris
– Scent of Ise – Plum

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‘- Single bottle JPY1,200 (excluding tax)
– Set of 3 bottles JPY3,000 (excluding tax)