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FRMA toner of toner/ FRMA cream of cream

FRMA Co.,Ltd (Tokyo)

These are toner and cream that condition the skin and provide long-lasting moisturizing effects. Skincare products without surfactants are considered to be less effective while those containing surfactants can seriously damage the skin. With this in mind, FRMA has employed fermented raw material derived from Bacillus subtilis as an alternative to surfactants. Found in dead grass such as rice straw, Bacillus subtilis is a type of bacteria similar to Bacillus natto. Fermented raw material derived from Bacillus subtilis is effective in reducing inflammation due to ultraviolet rays while allowing for higher penetration of skin brightening agents. It is a safe material certified by ECOCERT, one of the best-known labels for organic products worldwide. In addition, lavishly blended with natural moisturizing ingredients such as plant-based ceramides, the products are non-irritating and offer a long-lasting moisturizing effect just with a small amount (a circle size of about 1.5 cm).
The brand name FRMA carries the meaning “From ancient times to now,” which conveys the concept of incorporating timeless wisdoms and modern wisdoms into the products. The use of Bacillus subtilis, which is highly biodegradable and does not pollute the nature, is also an example of ancient wisdom. FRMA products are manufactured in a clean, sanitized factory in Japan, and the packaging is made simple for easy recycling. It is especially recommended for those who prefer plant-derived products but are not satisfied with their effectiveness as well as those who have weakened immune system due to aging or illness.

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Two kinds
– FRMA toner of toner (for 2.5 months;Lotion like a serum 120 ml)
– FRMA cream of cream (for 2.5 months; 50 g)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- FRMA toner of toner JPY5,500 (excluding tax)
– FRMA cream of cream JPY6,200 (excluding tax)