2023 Grand Gold


id10 japan corporation (Tokyo)

Many of the Japanese sake available for purchase overseas come in 720 ml bottles, which can feel like a large quantity for those unfamiliar with sake consumption. Glass bottles also pose challenges for shipping and storage, making them less convenient for wider adoption. KURA ONE aims to overcome these issues and serves as a Japanese sake brand that transcends language barriers. Packaged in lightweight, compact, and low-risk aluminum cans of 180 ml (or 200 ml), KURA ONE blocks 100% of UV rays that might degrade the sake. It can be delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide via online ordering.
KURA ONE carefully selects representative brands from renowned sake breweries both domestically and internationally, currently offering a lineup of 21 different kinds. The sake is organized by themes such as variations in rice types, unprocessed sake, and scents such as banana and apple, thereby providing different ways to enjoy the sake. The label designs preserve the individuality of each brand while maintaining consistency as part of the KURA ONE brand, ensuring that the names are shown in English and Romanized letters for those who do not understand Japanese.
Furthermore, KURA ONE incorporates creative elements to deepen the understanding of sake. These include charts that help comprehend the flavors even before tasting, introduction videos from sake breweries that can be accessed through QR codes, and the provision of a SAKE BOOK in five languages. The brand’s lineup of designs is set to expand further in the future. Transforming “unreachable” into “deliverable,” KURA ONE invites you to enjoy the exceptional sake crafted by the distinct essence of Japan.

id10 japan corporation (東京都目黒区)

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2023 Grand Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Six themes, 21 designs in total

– Indulge in the distinctive flavors originating from the diverse rice varieties
KURA ONE – Garyubai Gohyakumangoku Junmai-ginjo
KURA ONE – Garyubai Yamadanishiki Junmai-ginjo
KURA ONE – Garyubai Homarefuji Junmai-ginjo
KURA ONE – Garyubai Miyamanishiki Junmai-ginjo

– Delight in the rich flavors of pure, unprocessed Japanese sake
KURA ONE – Kajokotobuki Yukimegami Junmai-daiginjo undiluted
KURA ONE – Nanakanba Tokubetsu-junmai undiluted
KURA ONE – Sempuku Junmai-daiginjo Murokagenshu undiluted without charcoaled

– Experience novel scents such as banana and apple
KURA ONE – Zao K Jumai-ginjo
KURA ONE – Chiyomusubi Gohyakumangoku Junmai
KURA ONE – Hyakushun Minonishiki Junmai-ginjo undiluted without charcoaled

– Savor sake crafted with floral yeast
KURA ONE – Amabuki Omachi Junmai Yamahai Marigold-yeast
KURA ONE – Amabuki Omachi Junmai-daiginjo Kimoto Rhododendron-yeast
KURA ONE – Amabuki Omachi Junmai-ginjo Strawberry-yeast
KURA ONE – Amabuki Junmai-daiginjo Apple-yeast

– Experience the boldness of a new-style dry Japanese sake
KURA ONE – Harushika Extra dry Junmai
KURA ONE – Yonetsuru Extra dry Junmai
KURA ONE – Sachihime Karakuchi Junmai
KURA ONE – Chiyomusubi Junkara Extra dry Junmai

– Indulge in award-winning Champion Sake
KURA ONE – Nanbubijin Tokubetsu-junmai
KURA ONE – Katsuyama Ken Junmai-ginjo
KURA ONE – Yamabuki aged-sake Gold

*Additional themes and designs are planned for future inclusion


180 ml

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Open pricing
*Prices vary by brand
Price range: JPY330 to JPY1,815 per can
Most common price range: JPY330 to JPY580 per can