2023 Consecutive


D-BREATH CO., LTD. (Tokyo)

Produced in Izumiotsu in Osaka famous for blanket industry, “Silk Aura TAKUMI PREMIUM” is a high-grade silk blanket handmade by a skilled craftsman without compromise on quality. The premium silk blanket is made using “mother touch nap raising” technique uniquely developed by Mr. Kazuko Takitani, an artistically inclined local craftsman who has been engaged in nap raising process of blanket over 50 years. The resulting blanket is delicately soft and light as air, and has a pleasant smooth texture that you will be attached to it once you use it. The natural silk used as a material is particularly of high-quality that is soft and warm to the touch, which is used in high-class suits and coats. The blankets are carefully woven 100% from indoor cultured Mulberry silk, and the nap raising is performed repeatedly until a satisfactory texture is achieved. Furthermore, the company applies approximately 150 individual manufacturing processes requiring about 10 times as much time as a regular blanket to finish. In order to bring out the delicate softness and airy lightness of the fabric, the edges are turned to the back of the fabric (mitered corners) so that you can enjoy the softness of the silk from anywhere you touch. Being particularly careful about the details such as special washing technique (a company secret) and the supple finishing process, the company has achieved amazing softness. Not to mention the material itself, it is a luxurious masterpiece produced with thorough dedication to details such as needles and machines used for nap raising, the secret washing technique and the final supple finishing process.

D-BREATH CO., LTD. (東京都中央区)

2023 Consecutive Awards
Genre: Daily necessities
Award winner for four consecutive years from 2020 to 2023


Single, Large Single, Double


3 colors: Pure White, Classic Rose, Lavender

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Single JPY60,000
Large Single JPY75,000
Double JPY90,000
(All excluding tax; manufacturer’s suggested retail price)