2023 Consecutive


Oyagiseisakusho Co., Ltd. (Aichi)

As a manufacturer of precision machinery components carved from metals and resins, Oyagiseisakusho’s wide lineup of products include machine tool parts and aircraft industrial components. While the company is confident in its strength in precision work and creating shapes that most competitors avoid, it is often difficult to explain the scope of their work. This is the reason behind the launch of MyStar, to showcase the company’s techniques and joy of manufacturing. The artisans’ expert techniques are evident in its details, as each product is carved out from stainless steel raw materials and applied precision techniques such as nearly invisible seam joints. The weight of stainless steel is pleasant when held, and also allows the pen to glide effortlessly when writing. The SUS303 stainless steel material’s resistance to corrosion and heat as well as its beauty allow for long and steady use maintaining its luster.

Oyagiseisakusho Co., Ltd. (愛知県一宮市)

2023 Consecutive Awards
Genre: Daily necessities
Award winner for two consecutive years from 2022 to 2023


‘- KAGUYA: Bamboo design pen with stand
– Spyer001: Spiral design pen with spherical stand
– Spyer002: Dot design pen with spherical stand
– Consus001: Ballpoint pen with leather carrying case
– Consus002: Ballpoint pen with charm with leather carrying case
*Name engraving optional

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- KAGUYA: JPY12,727
– Spyer001: JPY12,727
– Spyer002: JPY12,727
– Consus001: JPY8,000
– Consus002: JPY8,636
– Name engraving option: JPY600
(All excluding tax)