Spoonful of Ginger


This ginger jam that is perfect for breakfast is made with selected gingers grown in Chiba Prefecture. Ginger is generally known as a condiment or seasoning in cooking, but its consumption in the morning is actually recommended as it has warm characteristics that can help improve blood circulation. However, for many people, it is very time consuming and too much of a hassle to prepare a meal using ginger in the busy time of the day. With this in mind, the company produced this ginger jam to allow easily consuming ginger in the morning and conveyed in the product name its hope that adding a spoonful of ginger to your breakfast would become a morning routine.
The gingers used for the ingredient are cultivated under a well-thought-out growing environment created through close cooperation with local farmers. The resulting gingers have a yellow color and are highly fragrant. This jam uses such high-quality gingers, roughly chopped with the peel so that you can enjoy the crunchy texture unique to ginger. In addition to granulated sugar, the jam is also blended with lemon juice to achieve a perfect balance of a pungent taste and refreshing sweetness. It can be enjoyed in various ways, but it particularly goes well with dairy products, which is ideal for breakfast dishes such as buttered bread, yogurt, and oatmeal with milk.
Engaged in the food wholesale business mainly dealing with fresh gingers and processed ginger products, the company takes pride in and hopes that people enjoy its ginger jam produced with a great knowledge of ginger for breakfast every day.


2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


140 g

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JPY700 (excluding tax)