NotS Compact Wallet


NotS Compact Wallet is a compact wallet developed in pursuit of ultimate usability. In the cashless society today, the need for slim and small wallets is increasing. Although various compact wallets are available in the market, the company focused on the fact that many of them sacrifice on convenience and usability for the size and thinness, which make it difficult to take things out or harder to see cash and cards inside. Even if it is convenient to carry around, a wallet that is stressful to use would be the opposite of what is desired. NotS Compact Wallet was developed with the aim of solving such problems and create the most user-friendly compact wallet possible. After much trial and error, the company has succeeded in developing a compact wallet of a simple structure with a box-type coin case that makes it easy to retrieve the coins, bill compartment with gusset and a sliding card case. In addition, the “vertical, unidirectional design” simplifies the movements involved in paying by allowing to take out coins, bills and cards in the same direction for an optimal, smooth and comfortable experience. With its excellent functionality and design, NotS Compact Wallet balances compact size and storage capacity that ensures portability while letting you use it easily without stress.


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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Two colors
– Black
– Brown

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY16,000 (excluding tax)