Snowflake Bread Loaf

ECORA CO., LTD. (Fukuoka)

Snowflake Bread is a form of “nama shokupan” bread, which is characterized by its moist texture and delicious taste and is therefore best without toasting. This new genre of bread is gaining popularity in Japan since it can be eaten unadorned. Considerable care is taken to ferment and bake the dough at the perfect temperature to ensure a delicious flavor on its own. The bread is so fluffy that strips of it can be taken off and eaten, making it great for kids and the elderly. It can also be lightly toasted for a slightly different taste with a subtle aroma. Snowflake Bread gets its name from its snow-like whiteness. It is also made into a cute cube shape when baked. In addition to the plain type, other versions include the Japanese ingredients of anko (bean paste), kinako (roasted soybean flour) and mentai (marinated cod roe) along with Japan-made butter. Ecora, the company that makes the bread, hopes to promote the idea of Japanese hospitality through the bread. It is also branded as a product that helps achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since it prevents food loss by not including crusts as with conventional bread and baking it in such a way that it can be eaten whole. The latest freezing technology and special mixture mean the bread retains its unique texture and taste even when left to thaw naturally over a period of around two hours, unlike other bread that loses its freshness and must be discarded. The bread is thus viewed as being environmentally friendly.

ECORA CO., LTD. (福岡県篠栗町)

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Genre: Food/Drink


Four types in total
Snowflake Bread
Snowflake Bread with Bean Paste Butter
Snowflake Bread with Kinako
Snowflake Bread with Mentai

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY250 – JPY371 (all excluding tax)
Snowflake Bread JPY250
Snowflake Bread with Bean Paste Butter JPY343
Snowflake Bread with Kinako JPY343
Snowflake Bread with Mentai JPY 371