Umega Soy Sauce Mochi


Umega Soy Sauce Mochi is an original rice confectionary made by Utsuboya, which is similar to “Botchan dango” that has been very popular as a traditional sweet for a long time from the city of Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture. This mochi is made into three-color dango (rice dumplings) on a skewer, similar to its representative product Botchan Dango. Featuring plum, sesame and soy sauce (ginger) flavors, in addition to the light aftertaste and chewy texture, the product is characterized by a vivid color combination that can be enjoyed visually. The plum flavor uses plum flesh to reduce acidity, along with a rich flavor and sesame flavor using black sesame that retains the original sweetness of mochi rather than the taste of sesame. The soy sauce flavor uses naturally brewed soy sauce and is accented with a hint of ginger. People can enjoy the best of the ingredients from each flavor in order on the skewer. The taste is hard to describe from the appearance, but it is a product that has many repeat customers. Given its short shelf life of 10 days from the production date, it is necessary to maintain the deliciousness and texture of mochi. Maintaining the freshness is a very delicate process, with full consideration given to various conditions such as temperature, humidity, the weather and season. The company wholeheartedly takes its utmost efforts to creating the most suitable rice mochi treats for each production period.

UTSUBOYA CO., LTD. (愛媛県松山市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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‘- One skewer JPY100
– Five skewers JPY500
– 10 skewers JPY1,000
(All excluding tax)