Made of only four stainless steel round bars, this simple outdoor product “makitate” makes it easy to place firewood vertically to ignite for a fire. Usually, the fire starts with assembling the firewood; however, if not properly assembled, it won’t be easy to ignite or go out quickly. Just place makitate on the fire stand and set the firewood leaning on the four bars, making it easier for everyone to start and enjoy a fire. These angled stainless steel bars can be disassembled and lined up straight when stored. Since the four stainless steel legs move independently, makitate can be used on uneven surfaces. This product enables firewood to be placed at a tipi tent angle, making the flames beautiful.
DAISHIN is a metal processing company that specializes in handling stainless steel, which is said to be a difficult-to-process material. In 2021, the company launched the outdoor brand “sus-rawo” to manufacture and sell stainless steel outdoor goods on an in-house basis.
Stainless steel is an eco-friendly material that is rust-resistant, durable and highly recyclable. The product makitate utilizes the characteristics of stainless steel and has been developed with true craftsmanship. There are two sizes, a normal size and a large size. The large size can handle thick and large firewood. It’s a simple product; however once makitate is used outdoors, it will be very convenient and make the perfect fire.

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Two types
– makitate
– makitate L

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‘- makitate JPY3,500 (excluding tax)
– makitate L JPY4,500 (excluding tax)