Cherry Blossom Mini Cargo Bag


The mini bag is made of 100% cotton canvas and incorporates natural wood from the cherry tree. The bag employs thick, durable No. 8 canvas from Japan while the handle is made of highly rare and valuable natural cherry tree wood. The product has a clean and simple shape and the size makes it convenient for everyday use. The natural materials, canvas, and wood look great together, while the rugged durability of the bags is another enticing feature. Although canvas is a tough material commonly used for camping equipment, it is also viewed as stylish and appealing. The cherry wood handle is highly durable, and the material is warm to the touch, making the bag a joy to carry. Care is taken when fastening the handle to the bag in the production process to make sure it is firmly attached. The bag also feels very light despite its strong appearance. The ethos behind the production of the bag is, “things that are fun to create are bound to be a joy to use.” It is a unique bag that will last a long time and become an endearing part of anyone’s wardrobe.


  • KAMAKURA HANDS CRAFT Official Instagram
2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Eight types in total
– Natural
– Brown
– Red
– Dark grey
– Black
– Navy blue
– Orange
– Khaki

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JPY8,000 (excluding tax)